*Naturopathyナチュロパシー(実践者)及び*Naturopathsナチュロパス(開業者)並びにNaturopathic Doctorsナチュロファシックドクター(ND、DNM、PhD(NM))、研究者の方及び海外のNaturopathic School, College、University、Naturopathic Medical Schoolの単位取得者、卒業者、資格保持者及び開業者は一般会員。この分野に関心があり将来Naturopathyナチュロパシーを目指す方は(どなたでも:海外の方も)社会人会員及び学生会員とする。






  ②日本の医療制度の特例として2021年3月まで、各種医療教育課程を尊重しまして3年以上の医療系教育課程修了者の者、自然医   学周辺教育課程2年以上修了者の方で自然療法実践者の一般会員を認めます。


当会は広く門戸を開放しておりますが、国連や自然医学世界組織(世界保健機構メンバー)に所属しておりますので、ご自身の判断でお申込ください。We are widely open to the doors, but since we belong to the United Nations and Natural Medicine World Organization (members of the World Health Organization), please apply at your own discretion.



About joining our association
Membership qualification
* Naturopathy Naturopathy and Naturopaths Naturopath and Naturopathic Doctors Naturophathic doctor, Researchers (Naturopathic School, College, University, Naturopathic Medical School abroad, graduates, qualification holders and practitioners) are general members. Those who are interested in this field and are looking for Naturopathy & Naturopath in the future (anyone: overseas) will be members of society and student members.
* ① WHO recommended naturopathic medicine curriculum course Those who completed 1500 hours or more (regardless of domestic or overseas). We will respond to your inquiries about contents and number of hours.
* ② As a special case of the Japanese medical system, until March 2020, respecting various medical education courses, those who completed medical education course of 3 years or more, those who completed at least 2 years of natural medicine education course Accept general members of therapy practitioners.
This member will register with the certification of the world organization. Registration fee will be charged 1000 yen per year.
Site members are temporary members. In order to become an official member it is as above.








Annual membership fee is paid to members. In order to maintain this conference, annual members of 3,000 yen per year, members of social workers 3,000 yen and student members 1,000 yen per member are expenses as expenses. Naturopathy Naturopathy related organization, etc. 12,000 yen per year
  Companies and other support members are 12,000 yen per year.
  * Please offer by e-mail, etc., please send us a postal code, address, name, age, contact address, department, qualification etc. Please write. Membership fee will be transferred and member registration will be done. We will send you a member certificate.
  * About membership fee (including referrals from members)
It will be free until 2020 (March 31, 2021).
















当会会員は中国、フィリピン、マレーシア、台湾をはじめNaturopathy & Naturopathic Doctor社会人会員がいます。


  Members shall be general members, members of social workers, student members and supporting members. Membership status and expenses will be shared not only by Japanese but all over the world. (This member is equitable and equal except for distinguishing between naturopathy medicine origin country, knowledge and experience.)
National and regional seminar lecturer
  This academic society aims to be as active as possible in the area and spontaneously. It is region seminar that becomes the center. With the approval of this society, each member can establish a regional seminar by calling out to the region's colleagues.
Members of the association have members of Naturopathy & Naturopathic Doctor members of society including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
We will progress with the procedure below in order.








・Establish domestic academic soci
·・Attract abroad conference
・Overseas conference recommendation recommendation
·・Translational publishing planning
·・Regional healthcare advisor
·・Supplement product planning
・ Business opening support



医学系理学博士(アメリカ合衆国)、自然医学博士(カナダ)、代替医学研究博士(インド)、バイオ科学修士(アメリカ合衆国)、MBA総合経営学修士(アメリカ合衆国)、WONM Asia University Professor ボランティア教授(中国、台湾、マレーシア、シンガポール)University Of People 元ボランティア非常勤講師、その他医療系大学・看護専門学校非常勤講師歴任。




UN NGO President of International Career Support Association Institute (Non-profit model general incorporated association) Masanori Kaneko 
A member of the UN Agenda 2030 project PCP team. UN NGO United States Officer JACE
Doctor of Science in Medicine (USA), Doctor of Natural Medicine (Canada), Alternative Medicine Research Doctor (India), Master of Bio Science (USA), MBA General Management in Business Administration (USA), Professor WONM Asia University Professor (China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore) University Of People Former volunteer part-time lecturer, part-time lecturer at other medical university / nursing vocational school.
Natural medicine etc. Papers Overseas specialized media exclusive researcher
Work experience:
In the Showa era, after succeeding in separating new kinds of microorganisms at university hospital, he was involved in private emergency medical care, involved in the spread of drug discovery clinical trials and transplant medical care.
About Japan in the 21st century: internationalization, human resources mobilization, medical diversification. For that purpose, we have accumulated knowledge and experience from the bottom (including human resources development). I would like to encourage many people to know about ways of thinking of natural medicine, one of Western medicine, and to develop human resources who can contribute to health society.


It is not an individual for the organization ,
We will act as an organization that respects the will of individuals as a free and open organization.











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